Monday, January 19, 2009

The Pill Box

This evening I was in the bathroom looking for something and I stopped dead in my tracks when I looked at my pill box/organizer. I take a few prescriptions and every Sunday I cut up pills and fill in my weekly "pill organizer". Yes, I realize that this is something elderly people do. However, I am fortunate enough to start this experience in my late twenties. That means I should be good at it by the time I'm elderly, right? :-)

This past Sunday (yesterday) I filled in my pills. However, it was different this time. I usually only take half of my weekday pills to work with me (I take my medication twice a day). This week, I took half of my weekday pills along with all of Fridays (leaving an entire days slot with no pills in it). We are going into the hospital on Thursday and will be there all day Friday, at the least. The reality just hit me square in the face. I was physically looking at something where it starts with my son being unborn and it ends with him having passed away. All within a short enough time frame to be displayed through a simple pill organizer.

I've never had something so simple hit me in such a profound way.