Monday, June 22, 2009

You CAN'T Resist This!!!!!!!

Okay......okay, I know. I've been TERRIBLE about making posts. It's been 2 MONTHS! Sorry, life get's crazy busy. I wanted to post something just to remind people that I am still keeping this blog active. This is a pretty recent picture. I think it's his best one so far. He smiles like that ALL the time. He's the most content baby I have ever seen. We just took a vacation out to Colorado and he was perfect in the car. No fuss at all. Well, one fuss.....bad gas I think. We ALL fuss about that right? No? You don't? Uh oh......I've said too I'm embarrassed.

Enjoy the picture! I promise to be better about making posts.



  1. your a dork brutha' he's a handsome son of a good looking dad :-D

  2. 'sokay - makes me feel a little better for being over a month behind already! I share way too much on Facebook as it is, so sometimes I just can't muster the energy to update the blog... I guess we have a lot to live up to, though, being the only dads doing this - I'd better get cracking!

    Great pic!

  3. Oh my goodness! He's so cute! I've been wondering about you all. Glad to see you all are still out there.

  4. He is absolutely handsome!! Love the smile! I was wondering how you all were doing!